A Child Forever: Honoring The Legacy Of A Child


Providing Comfort and Support

There is a beautiful and intense relationship between parents and children. Much of parenting revolves around protecting, providing, and caring for a child into their adulthood. A child’s untimely death steals the ability to fulfill the parenting role and carries an overwhelming sense of loss. For that reason, the loss of a child is often called the ultimate tragedy because nothing is more devastating.

No parents should ever feel alone.

No one is taught how to deal with the loss of a child. Many families find the memorial process emotionally exhausting and financially draining. Through our Child Forever initiative, you can help us offer funeral assistance to the families of our Wish Kids who have passed away. We honor children in a respectful and dignified manner by ensuring they receive a proper, meaningful memorial ceremony. It would be an honor to have your partner with us in supporting family in their time of grief and loss.

Forever Children


Jodie Lewis

18 years old
Pemberville, OH
Date Of Death 08/30/20


Zakary Edwards

8 years old
Lexington, NC
Date of Death: 10/24/18
Cardiopulmonary Arrest


Grant Judkins

4 years old
Crossville, TN

Date of Death: 10/06/20


Bently Wiles

7 years old
Orlando, FL
Date Of Death 03/02/18

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