Chris Young and Kids Wish Network Share Uplifting Surprise For Patient In Chicago

CHICAGO, Ill. (February 2022): Grace was in for the surprise of a lifetime when she joined the Zoom meeting with Kids Wish Network, she had no idea what was coming her way! Grace covered her mouth and excitedly giggled in disbelief when she saw another frame join the meeting- it was her idol, country music star Chris Young!

Grace couldn’t believe it, she was beaming with excitement. Grace couldn’t wait to share how his songs have gotten her through difficult times and the connection she has with them. “Every time I have an MRI done I listen to your music,” she shared with Young. He humbly replied, “I appreciate that... I hope the music helps you a little bit.” Grace was excited to tell him about her first concert. “I touched your hand and I couldn’t stop freaking out,” she admitted with a smile. Grace even has one of Young’s guitar picks from that concert that she will treasure forever. They also discussed her favorite songs, and Young graciously shared the stories behind them. Grace was especially thrilled with what came next, an impromptu performance of “Lonely Eyes” sung just for her! He also shared his musical influences and his love of performing. “It’s a lot of fun and my favorite thing to do,” said Young.

After Grace’s idol left the virtual chat, her composure also virtually left as she bubbled over with excitement. “Oh my God I love you!” she blurted out to her Wish Coordinator. “I love the both of you.” It was a meaningful day she’ll always remember.

Grace has epilepsy and continues to struggle with recurring seizures. One of her major episodes landed her in the hospital, and even after brain surgery and a variety of meds, nothing has controlled her seizures. She also has neurofibromatosis. Chris Young’s music and her happy memories of their once-in-a-lifetime hangout will continue to comfort her during challenging days.

Many Thanks

Kids Wish Network could not have provided this wish to Grace without Chris Young and the help of his team who believe in making wishes come true for kids who need hope.

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