Spreading Miles of Smiles


Project Toy Drop creates miles of smiles as we travel across the country, delivering new toys, games, clothing, and other much-needed items to children ages 3-16 who need joy and hope. You can get involved in strengthening our communities, spreading joy to at-risk children, and honoring the children of military families.  There’s no better time than the holiday season to let the spirit of giving shine.


Helping Kids Experience Joy

Do you or your organization have a heart for giving to children in need during the holidays?

Businesses and individuals can sponsor Project Toy Drop and spread joy and happiness to children and families going through difficult circumstances during the holidays. Our Project Toy Drop kids face:

  • A parent serving in the military

  • Poverty or homelessness

  • Abuse or neglect

  • Physical or mental challenges

  • Other difficult adversities 

We work with mayors, sheriffs, and additional city officials, bringing the community together and nurturing positive relationships between youth and city role models, including community leaders, firefighters, and law enforcement.


Delivering The Gift of Happiness

Military children experience many stresses—from frequent moves to missing and worrying about a deployed parent. Project Toy Drop is a way to show our appreciation for the sacrifices military families make for our freedom and safety.  

Project Toy Drop delivers much-needed happiness to kids of military parents in each stage of deployment. We partner with the Yellow Ribbon’s Reintegration Program, a Department of Defense effort to promote the well-being of service members, their families, and our communities. 

We look forward to your involvement in showing appreciation to our troops who bravely serve our country.


Boosting Hope at the Holidays

Project Toy Drop inspires at-risk kids facing significant challenges such as homelessness, abuse, neglect, abandonment, and physical or mental challenges. You can play a part in unifying families dealing with difficult challenges by helping us deliver a boost of hope and happiness over the holidays.


“Project Toy Drop’s program visited our community and brought smiles to the kids they presented gifts to and melted the hearts of the volunteers who participated.” 

Jackie McKinney | Mayor of Gallup, NM

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